Employment Opportunity
Job Title: Lead Firmware Engineer

Job Code: GW-01102314201268
Salary Range: DOE
Job Location: PA--
City: Pittsburgh    State: PA


In this role, you will develop solutions for embedded systems and IoT/Connected devices, 
help to identify and evaluate emerging markets and technologies globally; lead project 
teams in the research, design, development and industrialization of new innovative 
products and services.  Identify technical solutions associated to technical issues found 
in electronic based products and their applications. Assess feasibility and soundness of 
proposed engineering test/products/equipment.

In this function you will:

Lead firmware and software developments for embedded systems/micro-controllers.
Support software development for multiple platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux, 
embedded and web applications with a strong emphasis on the Internet of Things.  
Be experienced in firmware development for electronic circuit design, both analog and 
Serve as the technical bridge between electronics design and internal/external suppliers
Research and develop business case(s) in new product development cycle
Drive enhancement of existing products and services based on evaluations of existing and 
new technologies.
Perform technical evaluations of third-party solutions and assess opportunities to develop 
partnerships or and new suppliers.
Support product certification activities acting as the Eaton representative- UL/CSA/.
Act as a technical advisor to product line managers and/or manufacturing engineers.
Provide technical soundness of design decisions and products changes to facilitate 
manufacturing, reduce cost, substitute material, improve quality and accommodate special 
customer needs.
Work with manufacturing plants on plans, processes and strategies to accomplish a trouble 
free introduction of products into manufacturing.
SKILLS AND CERTIFICATIONS [note: bold skills and certification are required]
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering degree from an accredited institution
3 years of experience in firmware development with electrical/electronic product 
Firmware and software programing: C, C++, C#, Assembly, Python, Java, Bash, MATLAB
Software: Linux, UNIX, Windows, git, others