Employment Opportunity

Job Title: Engineering Supervisor

Job Code: GW-01112409183627

Salary Range: $135K

Job Location:

City: Hodges State: SC

Job Description:

Role Definition:

The Maintenance Engineer Manager leads team supporting operations and manufacturing 
processes, tooling and tool design, and equipment needed to produce assigned 
parts/products successfully and economically in accordance with engineering 


What you will do:

Facilitates the safe and effective preventative and unplanned maintenance of production 
and facility equipment and infrastructure.
Maintain the workflow process (work identification, PM and repair planning, scheduling, 
execution, and auditing).
Monitor, coordinate, and track maintenance compliance items such as precision instruments 
and PPE in adherence to safety and quality requirements.
Investigate and source parts, technical documentation to repair machinery and equipment; 
work with machinery vendors to resolve maintenance items.
Provide leadership and support to personnel through mentoring and shared problem solving 
and RCCA’s.

Degree/ Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s degree required, but an Engineering discipline (Metallurgical, Manufacturing, 
Industrial, etc.) is preferred.
15 years of experience in an industrial maintenance position (tactical maintenance)

Skills you will need to be successful:

Decision Making and Critical Thinking: Knowledge of the decision-making process and 
associated tools and techniques; ability to accurately analyze situations and reach 
productive decisions based on informed judgment.

Level Working Knowledge: 

·       Applies an assigned technique for critical thinking in a decision-making process.
·       Identifies, obtains, and organizes relevant data and ideas.
·       Participates in documenting data, ideas, players, stakeholders, and processes.
·       Recognizes, clarifies, and prioritizes concerns.
·       Assists in assessing risks, benefits and consideration of alternatives.

Judgment and Decision Making: Knowledge of the decision-making process; ability to 
carefully evaluate the impact of emerging business situations and choose the best path 
forward communicating actions and activities that maximize organizational performance.

Level Extensive Experience: 

·       Seeks input from multiple sources to generate diverse ideas for decision making.
·       Sustains organization strategies over time by accurately analyzing tradeoffs in 
changing direction or staying the course.
·       Makes decisions that remain defensible beyond the short term.
·       Communicates decisions confidently and resolutely.
·       Remains steadfast in championing others' decisions that later come under scrutiny.
·       Coaches others to improve judgment and confidence in decision making skills.

Capacity Planning & Management - MFG: Knowledge of tools, approaches, and practices for 
determining production demand and ability to manage resources needed to provide 
satisfactory levels of service.
Level Working Knowledge: 

·       Documents major considerations of product promotions and analyzes their effect on 
production and required capacity.
·       Provides management reports on actual and projected capacity requirements.
·       Uses available tools to interpret forecasts and work out required capacity.
·       Participates in developing short-term capacity requirements for a specific product 
or plant.
·       Collects and collates key elements of demand chain used in developing capacity 

Lean Manufacturing: Knowledge of the philosophy, principles, and implementation approaches 
of lean manufacturing; ability to integrate and implement lean manufacturing philosophy 
into existing production and management processes.

Level Extensive Experience: 

·       Manages the adoption of lean manufacturing principles across the organization.
·       Teaches others about how lean approach integrates operations, customers, logistics 
and product development.
·       Consults on work cell design and plan layout in support of lean principles.
·       Consults on the use of lean approaches across multiple functions.
·       Trains others on key lean measurements and tools and techniques for measuring 
·       Participates in detailed planning for implementing and monitoring lean 

Manufacturing Equipment: Knowledge of the electrical, mechanical and logistics equipment 
used in manufacturing; ability to safely operate, maintain, update and store them.

Level Working Knowledge: 

·       Performs routine maintenance: cleaning, replacing defective or worn parts.
·       Performs basic care and safety considerations for a specific type of manufacturing 
·       Participates in setting up new machines and testing according to manufacturer's 
·       Uses standard diagnostic tools and techniques; resolves common problems.
·       Conducts routine inspections; checks machine performance and equipment safeguards; 
reports standards violations.

Manufacturing Processes: Knowledge of existing product manufacturing methods, technologies 
and processes; ability to execute, plan, manage and monitor the entire manufacturing 

Level Extensive Experience: 

·       Advises others using industry experience and benchmarks for methodology 
·       Develops best practices documentation for all major activities and tasks.
·       Trains others on all major tasks and considerations for the full manufacturing 
·       Participates in measuring and monitoring new processes and technologies.
·       Selects and optimizes specific methodologies for specific products.
·       Evaluates benefits, drawbacks and appropriateness of alternative processes and 
Manufacturing Safety: Knowledge of manufacturing safety; ability to identify work-related 
hazards and perform necessary activities to meet regulatory requirements for the safety 
and protection of workers, environment and site.

Level Extensive Experience: 

·       Consults on the use of new tools and techniques for safety protection.
·       Performs safety inspections to assure compliance with OSHA requirements.
·       Designs and implements emergency response processes and procedures.
·       Promotes workplace safety among supervisors and workers; communicates safety rules 
and regulations.
·       Assesses and reports unusual or new safety hazards or violations; initiates 
corrective action.
·       Ensures that all employees and contractors comply with relevant safety policies 
and regulations.

Manufacturing Standards, Procedures and Policies: Knowledge of organizational standards, 
procedures and policies in manufacturing activities; ability to plan, guide, and monitor 
manufacturing processes for compliance.

Level Working Knowledge: 

·       Contributes to the development and implementation of specific manufacturing 
·       Investigates the need to refer potential exceptions upward for review and 
·       Explains the rationale for procedures and standards in own area of responsibility.
·       Participates in the implementation of manufacturing standards and procedures to 
one's own function.
·       Provides feedback for improvement of procedures.

Please frequently check the email associated with your application, including the 
junk/spam folder, as this is the primary correspondence method. If you wish to know the 
status of your application – please use the candidate log-in on our career website as it 
will reflect any updates to your status.


What you will get:

Medical, dental, and vision coverage
Paid time off plan (Vacation, Holiday, Volunteer, Etc.)
401k savings plan
Health savings account (HSA)
Flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
Short and long-term disability coverage
Life Insurance
Paid parental leave
Healthy Lifestyle Programs
Employee Assistance Programs
Voluntary Benefits (Ex. Accident, Identity Theft Protection)