Employment Opportunity
Job Title: Manufacturing Engineer

Job Code: GW-01122209105425
Salary Range: Up to $160K
Job Location: CA--
City: Santa Clara    State: CA


Job Function:

Improves processes, equipment, and components to meet agreed-upon objectives for quality 
yields, throughput, and machine uptime. Supports the introduction of new products, and 
qualification of new materials.


Primary Objective: Achieve department specific objectives for equipment and material 
yields, availability, and capacity.


Principle Duties/Responsibilities:

Supports Manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure quality product is produced to 
meet on-time shipment volumes
Executes calibration processes on automated tools to ensure equipment functions to correct 
Executes repair/replacement of damaged components to ensure equipment functions to correct 
Reviews quality and performance data to troubleshoot equipment yield or quality issues.
Participates actively in new product introduction, including influencing the design of the 
product to ensure manufacturability and conformance with the global supply chain, enabling 
prototyping, testing the reliability of prototypes and leading the transition into 
Supports and implements the transition of products and manufacturing processes from 
prototype to full production and through the entire life cycle of the product
May direct the work of third party vendors and/or partners to meet contract specified 
deliverables, performance, or business objectives
May work with suppliers to ensure achievement of goals for cost, quality, and delivery of 
parts and materials
Supports training and certification of Manufacturing personnel
Establishes and supports procedures and protocols to meet compliance and Quality 
Job Specific Responsibilities:

Closely adhere to established safety protocols during equipment repair and maintenance 
Institute protocols to ensure a safe work environment and identify and correct any safety 
issues working with Agilent Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).
Identify and correct ergonomic issues.
Closely adhere to OF/Genomics procedures.
Develops and executes QSR compliant validations as required for process, material, 
equipment, and software changes.
Ensures that required records are maintained for equipment maintenance and repair.
Process Stability:

Monitor Fab processes in area of responsibility for consistency in yield performance and 
machine uptime
Implement in-line process controls with clear limits on critical parameters
Process Improvement:

Optimize processes for improved control, quality, or production output
Identify changes of equipment or process for process improvements
Training and Documentation:

Create documentation for all processes
Support training and certification of production personnel
Keep current on all position specific training as identified in training matrix
Support on-time shipments of quality product to meet customer orders
Manufacturing Technology:

Work with R&D to design, develop and release new tools or process technology needed for 
business goals

Bachelors or Masters Degree or University Degree in Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial 
Engineering or equivalent.

4+ years relevant experience for entry to this role. 

Requires ability to work independently.


Hands on calibration and equipment repair skills.

Benefits - Full
Relocation Assistance Available - Possible for ideal candidate