Job Newsletter
Job Title: Engineering Manager

Job Code: GW-02282122385545
Salary Range: DOE
Job Location: TX--
City: Dallas    State: TX


The engineering manager delivers results and is focused on 
execution by:
• Advancing engineering disciplines and technologies.
• Being an active participant in all areas of software engineering, 
operations and deployments.
• Building a team for success that is focused on winning for the 
firm and the team.
• Setting and achieving difficult goals through motivation and 
• Take Responsibility. Lead the team through example and take an 
ownership stake in the product roadmap planning, execution and 
• Deliver working, operational, high quality software on a 
consistent basis.
• Find Growth through Technology Platform. Work collaboratively 
with the Product Engineering leadership team.
• Efficient Pride yourself on using what you have to the best of 
your abilities. Be it current talent, budget, software stack – make 
the most out of everything before starting over.
• Scale Yourself Building software is not easy and problems will 
constantly rise up. This role requires multiplying your impact 
through operational problems, bugs, requirements and processes. Be 
willing to take this on yourself and create more versions of 
yourself to deliver.
• Be flexible in your expectations, goal settings, technology 
choice by adapting to change.
• Challenges team members.
• Recruit, train and build teams for success.
• Strong leadership skills – ability to motivate people, instill 
accountability, perform under the pressure and optimize the team's 
resources to attain the business goals
• Excellent knowledge of the new technology trends and its 
applications for the new products in the marketplace
• Excellent Knowledge of Software Engineering Discipline, including 
hands-on knowledge of Latest Programming Languages, Object-Oriented 
Programming, High-Performance, Fault-tolerant Distributed Systems, 
Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems,
• Distributed DBMS and DB modeling and access languages.
• Strong verbal, presentation, and written communications skills 
for technical and non-technical audiences
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
• 3 years of experience leading software product development teams
• 8+ years of software development on revenue generating systems 
and applications with a record of success