Employment Opportunity

Job Title: Senior Network Engineer

Job Code: GW-03122411135537

Salary Range: $190K

Job Location:

City: Redmond State: WA

Job Description:

Summary of Position:

The Senior Network Engineer is responsible for the engineering, architecture, support, routing, 
switching, documentation, troubleshooting, transport topologies, network hardware, security, 
VoIP, customer relations, and all services within the infrastructure.  The Senior Network 
Engineer will provide our Client with expert network design and daily operational support of 
the Enterprise-wide network, including participation in planning, installation, maintenance, 
management, and coordination.

Essential Functions:

Provide technical expertise to perform root cause analysis of service interrupting incidents; 
develop and implement strategies to prevent a recurrence
Interact daily with the development, QA teams, and specialized operations teams to design and 
deploy each new generation of our compute and network fabric
Create or propose technical solutions when faced with a new complex systems design or process 
issue, where little or no precedent exists
Take responsibility for prioritizing critical, competing tasks that may lack clear end results
Drive operational improvements upstream into product development efforts
Drive creation and execution of documentation, process and procedure improvements to streamline 
and optimize work performed
Analyzes users' needs. Recommends appropriate network configurations to meet users’ needs and 
departmental standards
Implements and maintains bridges, routers, gateways, remote access servers, domain servers, 
security firewalls, application and device servers, and Internet or Intranet devices and 
Designs, configures, monitors, and optimizes local and wide area networks and printers for 
optimal performance, maximum availability, minimal maintenance, and reasonable costs
Performs preventative and fault isolation maintenance on the local and wide area networks. 
Performs file maintenance on servers, domains, electronic post offices, and user files and/or 
Designs, configures, maintains, and manages network security features for local and wide area 
networks. Configures, monitors, and maintains anti-virus programs to ensure network and systems 
integrity. Adds and deletes users as required on network servers and applications
Performs customization and system administration for network management, task/project 
management, help desk, workgroup integration, documentation, and educational software packages 
on local and wide area networks
Works with telecommunications engineers to integrate voice, data, and video applications on the 
local and wide area networks. Performs basic telephone maintenance as required
Analyzes, recommends and evaluates new hardware, software, and communications products for 
network compatibility and applicability
Develops, maintains, and updates a library of technical documentation
Performs advanced diagnostics and maintenance on desktop devices when additional expertise is 
Assumes contractual management responsibilities, assists in requests for proposals, vendor 
selection, and contract monitoring
Works with cross-functional teams in the design and implementation of information technology. 
Assists in the training of other information systems personnel to improve their technical 
Assist departmental management with development of systems standards, short and long-term 
goals, project management, and strategic directions
Keeps current on new developments and techniques in information technology