Employment Opportunity

Job Title: Manufacturing Engineer & CNC Programmer

Job Code: GW-03192412060961

Salary Range: $114K

Job Location:

City: East Aurora State: NY

Job Description:

Manufacturing Engineer - & CNC Programmer - Swiss Style Lathe Mill & Turn

Manufacturing Engineer & CNC Programmer - Swiss Style Lathe Mill & Turn

This position reports to a manufacturing engineering group leader along with Manufacturing 
Engineering Technicians, Senior Manufacturing Engineering Technicians, Manufacturing 
Engineer/Programmers, Associate Manufacturing Engineers, and Senior Manufacturing Engineers.



·        Determine manufacturing procedures, establish operation sequencing, prepare tooling 
and gauging lists, prepare, and prove out N/C programs and write detailed operation sheets to 
produce complex machined parts and sub‑assemblies to meet engineering drawings.

·        Prepare engineered or estimated time standards for setup and run hours for each 

·        Provides technical support to the production shops solving problems and improving 
processes associated with the parts he/she is responsible for.

o   These problems may arise for any number of reasons such as tooling, machine tool, gauging, 
heat treating, and plating. The solution of these problems may require the Manufacturing 
Engineer's decision alone or could result in contacting and working with other members of the 
Manufacturing Engineering Department, Moog Product or Design Engineers, Quality Assurance 
personnel, M & P Engineers, Inspectors, Production supervision, Purchasing, Production 
Scheduling, or Moog vendors. As a result, the Manufacturing Engineer must not only possess the 
human relations skills necessary to work effectively with a variety of people but must also 
have the initiative to contact and coordinate with other groups when a problem solution so 

·        Use of computer systems in preparing operation sheets, N/C programs and standards. 
Additionally, the incumbent will work with various Moog engineering groups in an ongoing effort 
Manufacturing Engineer's Primary Responsibilities.

·        Support the fabrication of complex machined parts and sub-assemblies by providing 
timely and accurate N/C programs and operation sheets.

·        Assure compatibility of engineering drawings and specifications with manufacturing and 
fabrication capabilities by reviewing drawing and making suggestions for changes and revisions 
to enhance producibility.

·        Coordinate with various departments and team members to assure the most effective 
design and use of manufacturing facilities and processes.

·        Establishes standard times for setup and run of each operation on assigned parts.

·        Originate and conduct studies directed towards more efficient manufacturing of parts.
Includes recommendations for changes in equipment, processes, methods, materials and designs.

·        Establish tooling, gaging and fixture concepts. Review and approve tool, gaging and 
fixture design drawings.

·        Estimates hours required to design and also fabricate tools and fixtures.

·        Work with Moog suppliers to coordinate operation sheets containing outside and inside 
operations. Assist suppliers in resolution of problems related to the manufacture of Moog 

Basic Qualifications:

·        B.S. Degree (ME or IE preferred).

·        A minimum of 3 years manufacturing engineering experience.

·        Additional seasoned experience in manufacturing engineering that would be equivalent 
to what is learned in a degreed program would be an acceptable alternative to the B. S. Degree 

·        Swiss lathe and or Mill-turn programming experience is preferred.