Employment Opportunity
Job Title: Manufacturing Engineer

Job Code: GW-04182217451934
Salary Range: Up to $106K
Job Location: IL--
City: Pontiac    State: IL



To provide the technical expertise necessary to design, develop, and implement 
manufacturing systems, complex manufacturing operations and sophisticated machines.   Fuel 
system testing experience prefer.


This is a staff position which is expected to function as a specialist with respect to a 
specific technical phase of the planning function and which generally falls within the 
major areas of EOL (End of Line) testing, planning, tooling, maintenance, plant 
engineering, releasing, machine shop, assembly, etc. wherever a specific technical 
assignment may be needed.

Work assignments may be specialized in nature but may also be broad based with 
coordination between other staff personnel to complete a larger project. 

Develops, analyzes and manages Manufacturing/ Assembly Projects.  Assists in developing 
department capital and expense budgets.  Maintains the department capital forecast.

Administers the assembly NPI process to ensure that Engineering drawings are released and 
processed on time for NPI build.

Trains new processors and develops training programs for Processors and Assemblers.

Engages in creative problem solving to address operational issues including: ergonomic/ 
safety, efficiency improvements, process bottlenecks, quality concerns.

Works with internal and external suppliers to develop and manage projects to ensure 
efficient and cost effective systems and processes to produce quality products.   Fuel 
system testing experience a plus.

Provides the application, procurement, processing, installation and capability of new heat 
treat, welding, and / or chemical processes and equipment.

Designs, develops and implements the integration of manufacturing systems including 
factory control software, scheduling techniques, simulation and systems application.  EOL 
testing and analysis experience a plus.

Coordinates, plans, monitors and reports the activities associated with the flow analysis, 
design, financial modeling and implementation of complex manufacturing group technology 
cells in an assigned area.

Provides manufacturing technical support in process control and internal certification.

Coordinates the corporate manufacturing and office space utilization and assists in 
preparation of business proposals for rearrangements or additions or complete new 
facilities that are being proposed to ensure proper utilization of space.

Coordinates the purchase and application of machine tools, controls and related equipment 
corporate wide to ensure the latest technology is being used to increase efficiency and 
economy of operations.

Designs complex or intricate jigs and fixtures.

Adheres to established standards, policies and practices relating to quality, cost 
reduction, safety, ergonomics, etc. in performing assigned duties.


Basic Requirements:

This position requires thorough knowledge of manufacturing concepts, EOL system control, 
testing & analysis, etc., gained through acquisition of an appropriate technical or 
university degree.  (A master’s degree a plus)

combined with a minimum of 2 year of appropriate manufacturing experience or a minimum of 
2 years as a Manufacturing Engineer 2, or appropriate equivalent experience.  

Most possess appropriate language and communication skills.

Additional Information

The location for this position is Pontiac, IL

Domestic Relocation is available for this position.

This position may require 10% travel