Employment Opportunity
Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Job Code: GW-05132113172674
Salary Range: $63/hr
Job Location: NJ--
City: Joint Base McQuire Dix Lakehurst    State: NJ


Electrical Engineering
Education:  Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
Position Location:  Joint Base McQuire Dix Lakehurst, New Jersey
Experience:  Electrical Engineering with 15+ years in Instrumentation Controls, 
Permanent/Temporary Power Equipment, Ductbanks, Feeders/Vaults, Cabling, Wiring 
Terminations, Substations, Generators, Switchgear, Breaker Design, Fire Alarm, Security 
Alarm, other Electrical devices and Electrical Codes.

Low voltage electricity, interior and exterior lighting, IT phone and data 
communications, security system, fire alarm notification, fire sprinkler system, direct 
digital controls, installation, testing and balancing limit switches, commissioning 
systems and turnover of electrical systems to CLIENT.

Salary:  Dependent on skill set and benefit package selected, rates will vary.
Computer Skills/Software:  Excel, Word, Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Projects, Primavera P6 
Position Qualifications:
Must possess good written skills for daily inspection reports, 
Must possess good oral skills for leadership role and public speaking at meetings
Review and Prepare – Request for Information Forms 
Review and Prepare - Scopes of Work, 
Review and Prepare - Change Orders  
Review and Prepare - Contractor Cost Estimates ( Quantity, Rates Material & Labor )
Review Monthly Contractor Pay Applications and Schedules 
Support CLIENT in various other construction related functions
Must possess good organizational skills for tracking contracts, subcontracts, 
financials, construction management documents (including but not limited to: Project 
Photographs,  Engineering Technical Submittals, Contractor and Vendor Shop Drawings, 
Risk Register, etc.)
Must coordinate with Contractors, Subcontractors, Owners, Permitting & Utility 
Services, and other onsite Stakeholders as necessary to complete the required mission
Must provide Owner Oversight via walk-downs, QA/QC inspections, generation of open & 
punch list items, and closeout activities similar to as-built reviews, O&M reviews, and 
warranty reviews.
Candidate must passJustifacts background evaluation ( criminal, civil ) in addition to 
CLIENT background check to secure proper site clearance and ID security badge