Employment Opportunity
Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Job Code: GW-05172110450552
Salary Range: $63.31/hr
Job Location: NY--
City: West Point    State: NY


West Point Electrical Engineer Immediate Staffing Assistance 

•	College Degree BS minimum
•	$63.31/hr direct hourly rate 
•	15 years field related construction experience, 
•	PE preferred but not required. 
•	Follow USACE EM385-1-1 Requirements and Design Standards
•	Design reviews, Bid reviews, Construction RFI, submittal, shop drawing reviews, 
CLIENT project closeout, asbuilt reviews, O&M, warranty reviews, etc.
•	Keywords & Experience :  Low voltage electricity, security, fire notification, 
digital controls, commissioning of electrical systems, fire alarm, fire protection 
systems, testing and balancing, project daily reporting, field quality assurance, prep 
meeting minutes, review contractor progress, setup and track contractor deficiencies, 
Instrumentation Controls, Permanent/Temporary Power Equipment, Ductbanks, 
Feeders/Vaults, Cabling, Wiring Terminations, Substations, Generators, Switchgear, 
Breaker Design, Security Alarm, other Electrical devices and Electrical Codes, Interior 
and exterior lighting, IT phone and data communications, security system, fire alarm 
notification, fire sprinkler system, direct digital controls, installation, testing and 
balancing limit switches, commissioning systems and turnover of electrical systems to 
CLIENT.  Focus on CLIENT oversight of contractors and adherence to contract documents.  
Work with Govt computer software such as Procure, Blue Beam, Adobe, Excel, Word, 
Sharepoint sites like RMS.