Job Newsletter
Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Job Code: GW-05182116480056
Salary Range: $30 - $45/hr
Job Location: NJ--
City: Ewing    State: NJ


Electrical / electronic engineer for control, PLC's and circuitry design.

The position involves the design, manufacture and testing of power conversion systems 
and control circuitry for heavy industrial, utility and transit power rectifiers and 
field excitation systems for synchronous machines.

Manufacturer of motor oriented application diode and SCR rectifiers in the 1 to 2000 
kilowatt range, dry type transformers from 1 to 2000 KVA capacity range up to 15 KV 
class and transit power systems. Our engineered products are applied to a diverse range 
of domestic and international markets that include heavy industry, utilities, military, 
transportation and power system OEMs.

The position requires the engineering candidate to work closely with a diverse and 
experienced group of electrical and mechanical engineers to achieve customer objectives 
via a flexible manufacturing, project management, organizational structure.

Company's power, control and electronic products are manufactured to domestic and 
international standards and codes. A candidate should have a working knowledge of the 
National Electric Code. Company manufactures product that requires UL Listing, CSA 
approval and compliance to a customer’s specification. Knowledge and experience with 
NRTL’s and ISO documentation, testing and inspection protocols desired.

Candidates must have an attention to detail and accuracy. The generation of accurate 
and organized engineering product submittals, test reports and operation & maintenance 
manuals for customer use is an important aspect of the engineering position and 
company business activities.

Application experience with equipment such as; power rectification, SCR and IGBT 
drives, inverters, chopper circuitry, generator logic and control, switchgear and motor 
starters, programmable motor and power management protection relays, transformers, 
crane control, electro magnets, electrical product “packaging” or motor oriented 
electrical products desired. Candidates with experience designing and applying power 
semi-conductor and IGDT technologies desired.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $30.00 - $45.00 per hour


401(k) matching
Health insurance
Health savings account
Paid time off
Retirement plan
Tuition reimbursement

8 hour shift
Day shift
Monday to Friday