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Job Title: Full Stack Web App Developer

Job Code: GW-06032109095563
Salary Range: Up to $150K
Job Location: NY--
City: New York    State: NY


As a Full Stack Web App Developer ,  you will be responsible for owning a React based 
stack that will be developed collaboratively with company’s product management and 
engineering design teams to create an innovative man-machine intelligence system. Your 
role will require a breadth and depth of expertise spanning the following areas:
•	Creation of a scalable multi-tenant project/customer management system to 
support clients
•	Presentation of novel visualizations including streaming time series and high 
dimensional graph analysis
•	User interactivity and control modes for AI algorithmic processing via API 
Scalability and cost effectiveness of implementation will be key considerations 
throughout the design and development. To support company’s rigorous software quality 
standards, you will be asked to create test harnesses and evaluation frameworks, 
automate repeatable processes, and work in the context of continuous integration and 
deployment pipelines.
Job Responsibilities:
•	Develop, manage and own the whole front-end stack:
o	Front-end UI/UX and interactivity modes
o	User management database (credentials, profiles, project data, etc.)
o	API interactions with data collection, AI analytics databases and computational 
•	Write high-quality, testable backend code for the React front-end
•	Own build automation, continuous integration, deployment and performance 
optimization for the frontend stack in compliance with our security requirements
•	Work with frontend, backend and service engineers to enhance, maintain and 
optimize the web application
Must Have:
•	BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent
•	Demonstrated product success with deployment in the cloud and SaaS model, and in 
particular the creation of multi-tenant project/customer management systems with user 
collaboration mechanisms and that operate efficiently at scale
•	Experience with full stack development for real-time streaming analytics systems
•	Advanced expertise in JavaScript, latest versions preferred (ES2019/ES2020)
•	2+ years’ hands-on experience in component-based JavaScript frameworks e.g. 
react-redux, Next.js
•	2+ years’ hands-on experience in node.js, especially as the “backend” for React 
•	Hands-on experience in front-end testing frameworks e.g. Jasmine, Jest, Mocha 
•	Expertise in working with a range of APIs (REST, websockets, etc.)
•	Experience in JavaScript build tools like grunt or gulp
•	Experience implementing databases as well as optimizing queries and front-end 
API interactions (Postgres, Neo4j, MongoDB, Dgraph, Elasticsearch) in a scalable and 
cost effective manner
•	Expertise in build automation, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) 
tools, e.g. Github actions, Gitlab or teamcity.
•	Experience working with cloud based services (similar to AWS S3, CloudFront, 
Route53, ElastiCache etc.) to manage front-end web apps and data
•	Experience working with remote distributed teams
Helpful to Have:
•	Technical background in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or experience designing 
and implementing interactive query-driven man-machine intelligence systems
o	Capability of particular interest is experience having implemented “active 
learning” mechanisms to support feedback-enhanced AI models
•	Experience implementing privacy protection mechanisms in user management systems
•	Experience with run-time profiling tools and methods for scalable design
•	Experience with Flux, Redux, React Hooks, React Context
•	Experienced in Python code development
•	Experience with best practices when working with concurrent front-end/back-end 
development (e.g., test harnesses, phase gates, etc.)
•	Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
•	Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
•	Work From Home
•	Stock Option Plan