Employment Opportunity
Job Title: Maintenance Technician / Manufacturing Engineering Support (Maintenance and Equipment)

Job Code: GW-06082212262934
Salary Range: Up to $107
Job Location: CA--
City: Santa Clara    State: CA


Here is where your specialist expertise, technical ability and business focus will take 
you even further. You will lead the provision of a single-source, multi-disciplinary 
capability in the repair, maintenance, installation and enhancement of highly complex, 
interrelated machinery and equipment. Responsible for performing a variety of technical 
support duties in one or more manufacturing areas. Duties may be related to installation, 
maintenance, repair and support of manufacturing equipment, technical support of one or 
more production processes, product test and troubleshooting, and technical analyses and 
problem-solving. Conducts tests, experiments and/or problem resolution associated with 
components, parts, products or processes/systems. May design and/or build tools. Machinery 
& Equipment: Supports multi-discipline manufacturing processes with respect to the repair, 
maintenance, installation and/or enhancement of a select group of machinery and equipment 
or interrelated systems.

Manufacturing tech assignments are diverse and require a strong technical/ business 
Tasks involve specialized technical expertise and multi-discipline knowledge
Problems are non-standard or one of a kind, requiring new or customized solutions

Maintenance Tech with clean room experience on deposition equipment and a solid background 
on vacuum and high pressure pump maintenance
Requires Associate degree and/or higher education, specialized training/ certification.
Typically requires a minimum of 6 years relevant experience.
Requires a depth of proficiency in a broad range of activities related to job.