Employment Opportunity
Job Title: DevSecOps Engineer

Job Code: GW-09012311050536
Salary Range: DOE
Job Location: FL--
City: Orlando    State: FL


Plans conducts and coordinates software development activities. Designs develops documents 
tests and debugs software that contains logical and mathematical solutions to 
business/mission problems or questions in computer language for solutions by means of data 
processing equipment.
Applies the appropriate standards processes procedures and tools throughout the 
development life cycle. Applies knowledge of computer hardware and software subject matter 
to be programmed in business/mission applications information processing techniques used 
and information gathered from system users to develop software.
Corrects program errors prepares operating instructions compiles documentation of program 
development and analyzes system capabilities to resolve questions of program intent output 
requirements input data acquisition programming techniques and controls. Ensures software 
standards are met.

Basic Qualifications:
CI/CD Pipelines with GitLab
Code Scanning CI/CD integration
Automatized Test CI/CD integration
OS Scripting (Bash Shell, PS)
Docker, Red Hat OpenShift
Agile Methodologies
Agile Tools
Cybersecurity and CompTIA Security+