Employment Opportunity
Job Title: AI and Machine Learning Engineer

Job Code: GW-09102319482343
Salary Range: DOE
Job Location: USA
City: Houston, TX    State: TX


You are:
An expert engineer with an eye for AI. You want to change how the world works and lives by 
taking AI out of the lab and into everyday life.

The work:
Use deep learning and machine learning to solve business problems
Run deep learning and machine learning projects from beginning to end
Work on projects that cover everything from business understanding to model building, 
validation, and deployment
Use Accenture tools and techniques
Report on your progress regularly in writing and face-to-face
Stay up-to-date on new products that clients could use
Tweak existing methods and procedures to create solutions to moderately complex problems
Use your judgment to craft solutions to complex problems or seek guidance as needed
Prototype and demonstrate products for clients in customer environments.
Work with peers and senior colleagues in Accenture and at client companies
Help the sales team identify and classify opportunities
Find out where clients need help and produce “as is” and “to be” scenarios
Implement management’s strategy

Here’s what you need:
At least 1 year using AI or machine learning to solve real-world business problems
At least 1 year working as a consultant or in another client service firm
At least 2 years working with system integration architectures, private and public cloud 
architectures, pros/cons and transformation experience 
At least 1 year helping take AI and machine learning products from design to deployment
Bonus points if:
You’ve got a Master’s degree in statistics, econometrics, mathematics, or deep learning 
architectures including convolutional, recurrent, autoencoders, GAN’s, and ResNets
You know your way around cognitive tools like Microsoft Bot Framework & Cognitive 
Services, IBM Watson, Amazon and AI services
You know everything there is to know about data structures and algorithms 
You’re a coding wizard with Python, C# (.NET), Scala, MxNet, CNTK, R, H2O, TensorFlow, 
PyTorch, cuDNN, NumPy, and SciPy