Employment Opportunity
Job Title: Electrical Engineer Embedded Hardware

Job Code: GW-10062118202637
Salary Range: DOE
Job Location: NC--
City: Cary    State: NC


Our client is seeking a mid to senior level Electrical Engineer. You will design and validate 
specialized equipment for industrial and government applications. This will include plasma 
power supplies for surface etching, air filtration, semiconductor industry and food 
processing. You will work with high voltages up to 80kV, power levels from 100W to 100kW and 
frequencies from 50kHz to 30Mhz. Power generators need to rapidly adapt to changing plasma 
states. You will develop isolated power system and data acquisition for digital control. A 
good knowledge of switching power generation is required. Knowledge of ferrite magnetics and 
higher frequency RF is a strong plus as is familiarity with FCC, UL and CE regulatory 
standards. Knowledge of basic packaging for thermodynamics and radiated and conducted EMI is a 
plus. Low density industrial, HV and high current PCB layout capability is a plus.

This opening offers valuable technology, industrial and military project skills learning on a 
small, nimble, low overhead team.


· Power Generation Topology using digital control in cooperation with a team of SW, Mechanical 
and Plasma Engineers

· Switching and linear circuit analysis

· Feasibility studies with performance, component sourcing, reliability and cost as an output

· Schematic entry with parameters to control PCB layout and BOM generation

· Supervise (or design) PCB layout

· Supervise construction and do validation testing

· Work with sales team and customers to resolve problems (may require travel or overtime)


· Electronics Engineering Bachelors with Masters preferred

· 10+ years progressive design experience having at least partly to do with IGBT/FET/Ferrite 
switching power generation

· Digital control and data acquisition

· Demonstrate use of CAD including schematic entry, packaging view (check PCB layout, harness, 
large part alignment), switch mode and linear analysis

· PCB design and ordering is a plus

· Magnetics design is a plus (switching ferrite power transformers and inductors)

· Knowledge of government and industry certification is a plus

· Demonstrate past use of basic office SW like spread sheets, text editors, lab data reduction

· US Citizen or Permanent Resident