Employment Opportunity

Job Code: GW-10182214110945
Salary Range: Up to $115K
Job Location: TX--
City: Austin    State: TX


Assist with managing projects, starting with development of the initial project design 
concept, development of a project plan (including identification of staffing requirements 
and preparation of project schedule)
Assist with the execution of project design (management of resources within constraints of 
project budget and schedule), and culminating with management of bid and construction 
phase engineering service support.
Serve as a project engineer.
Independently coordinate the work of engineers, designers/draft persons and sub-
consultants throughout the project’s execution.
Establish and maintain client relations.
Attends client meetings - days or nights.
Be involved with marketing, contractual development, and design implementation.
Assist with managing the financial aspects of assigned engineering projects; coordinating 
and adjusting the work effort within the project team to ensure project work is completed 
on schedule and within allocated budget.
Simultaneously manage multiple projects and clients.
Use computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to prepare engineering 
and design documents.
Responsible for project team quality system tasks as defined in the Quality Assurance / 
Quality Control guidelines.
Visit construction site to monitor progress and other duties per the contract documents.
Bachelor's or Master’s degree in engineering from an accredited four-year college or 
8+ years’ experience in the field or a related area
Valid driver’s license
To understand the concepts of drainage systems.
Licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE)
Experience with Channel Restoration
Experience with Sediment Transport Analysis
Experience with Water Quality Design