Employment Opportunity

Job Title: Oracle Cloud Admin

Job Code: GW-11162318200668

Salary Range: $120K

Job Location:

City: Watsonville State: CA

Job Description:

This position will be focused on managing & maintaining OCI users and resources, 
overseeing compute, storage, and networking components.


·       Monitor OCI performance, availability, and security, proactively identifying and 
addressing potential issues

·       Implement & enforce governance policies & controls to ensure compliance with 
organizational standards

·       Configure and Manage OCI Compartments and Provisioning services like IaaS, PaaS, 
SaaS and DBaaS across Availability and Fault Domains

·       Configure and manage OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access 
and permissions

·       Implement security best practices, including data encryption, network security, & 
regular security audits

·       Integrate OCI with other systems and tools to streamline workflows and enhance 
system functionality

·       Develop KPIs and Metrics Reports and Dashboards

·       Work with internal staff, third-party vendors and Oracle to update and communicate 
environment maintenance schedules, refresh schedules, and outages

·       View and monitor service detail and service notifications related to 
patching/critical updates/downtime

·       Configure and manage OCI/OIC logging and auditing mechanisms for comprehensive 
system tracking

·       Participate in the development and implementation of new OCI features and 
enhancements to improve system performance and functionality

·       Function as the primary point of contact and Collaborate with Oracle support to 
address and resolve OCI/OIC-related technical issues

·       Partner with Security, Network, Development and Product Teams to identify issues, 
driving issue resolution

·       Maintain accurate and up-to-date OCI documentation and architecture diagrams

·       Design and Maintains business continuity and disaster recovery processes