Employment Opportunity

Job Title: Data Integration ETL Architect

Job Code: GW-12052309250427

Salary Range: $155K

Job Location:

City: Cleveland State: OH

Job Description:

We are seeking a seasoned Data Integration ETL Architect and Developer with a strong 
background in designing and implementing data integration solutions. The ideal candidate 
will possess extensive experience working with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services 
(IICS) and expertise in writing data into Snowflake on Azure. This role requires a proven 
track record in design and architecture, team leadership, and proficiency in SQL, with a 
bonus for familiarity with Python scripting.



Design and Architecture:
Lead the design and architecture of complex data integration solutions, ensuring 
scalability, performance, and maintainability.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and translate 
them into efficient data integration strategies.
ETL Development:
Utilize Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) for end-to-end ETL development.
Design, develop, and optimize ETL processes to efficiently move, transform, and load data 
into Snowflake on Azure.
Implement best practices for data quality, consistency, and error handling.
Leadership and Team Collaboration:
Provide technical leadership to a team of developers, fostering a collaborative and 
innovative work environment.
Mentor team members, promoting skill development and knowledge sharing.
Collaborate with project managers to ensure timely and successful project delivery.
SQL Expertise:
Demonstrate excellent proficiency in writing complex SQL queries for data analysis, 
transformation, and optimization.
Analyze and optimize SQL queries to enhance overall system performance.
Programming Skills:
Good to have experience with Python for scripting and automation tasks related to data 
integration processes.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related 
Proven experience in data integration, ETL development, and architecture.
Extensive hands-on experience with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) and 
Snowflake on Azure.
Strong expertise in SQL with the ability to write efficient, optimized queries.
Leadership experience in guiding and mentoring a team of developers.
Good understanding of data modeling, data warehousing, and data management principles.

Preferred Qualifications

Familiarity with Python scripting is a plus.